In a time of tragedy we learned to accept our destiny through faith and resilience. The plan for us is never truly known, but journeying the path leads us to the place we ultimately belong. Losing our son Anthony is the most difficult journey to ever endure. We chose to use our experiences to support a positive path for other families going through what we already have.

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Day of Giving Hearts

​​February 14, 2017 Day of Giving Hearts

Feb 4-16 is a tough week for our family. Feb 4th was the last time Anthony was able to hug me back, give me his morning kiss and us say to each other 'I love you' like we did everyday. Days and nights of ups and downs in the PICU at Rady Children's Hospital until 2/13/12 when Anthony's brain succumbed to the anoxia. We knew it had already but it was official on this day 5 years ago.
February 14th we sat as immediate family: Myself Anthony's dad his three older sisters, and we... all agreed that the only thing we could do was to help someone else. We were unanimous in our decision. Not even a thought other than he would be an organ donor. 2/14 we don't celebrate Valentines Day (never really did). We acknowledge February 14 as our "Day of Giving Hearts" the day we offered Anthony's beautiful heart and other organs to turn this tragedy into something positive. 2/16/12 was the day 5 people getting a chance to live was the result of that decision. Remember the most important part of recognizing Valentines Day, the day you can celebrate the ones you love. A simple kiss hug and I love you is all it takes. Not just on 2/14 but everyday, as you never know if it will be the last.


Let us 

Be There for You


The Anthony Fowler Foundation was established to provide education, emotional support, and financial assistance to families with a child experiencing a life-ending tragic accident, because we've been there.


We are a small team of volunteers working hard to make a difference. The idea of paying it forward no matter how small of a gesture can change the world we live in.

We can always use more help! Send us a comment or question. Please consider being a part of AFF Inc. by making a contribution of your time and talents or financial offering.








We've Been There

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Anthony Fowler 

AFF Inc.'s inspiration

​​​​Anthony Fowler Foundation Inc.

Because we've been there

There are no words to take away the pain of losing a child. We as parents who have been there can only say as you adjust to the tragic loss, you do move forward with your new normal. We avoid saying 'move on', as you never move on from your child.

Pay it forward and carry on the legacy.